The Weird and Wonderful music box.

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Wed Mar 07, 2018 6:57 pm

Welcome to the weird and wonderful music box! Home of all the strange music you love!

I wanted to create a place to share and enjoy all the weird and wacky music that people on this server like!

Post your favourite weird / different music tracks here for everyone to listen to! It can be as far out as you like! (Within reason)

Some quick rules to keep this from becoming a meme fest:

1 - No Meme songs - I mean we have probably heard most of them by now anyway!
2 - Keep it to music you enjoy - Don't just post the weirdest music you can find, post something you love!
3 - Keep it civil - Some people have weird music taste's, if you don't like it then try not to be insulting about it, if you do like it then tell them!

Now the boring stuff is out the way, i'll kick us off with some good ol Mongolian Throat singing:

Enjoy and don't forget to post your own weird music!

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