Eula Compliant And Proud

Each month we ask players to help us meet our monthly donation goal. As a reward once we’ve met our goal, all players on the server (whether you donated or not) gains access to our Donation Perks.

Monthly Payments

Our server hosting online costs $110 per month (Dedicated Server).  Our monthly goal is for donated money from the community to cover 75% server hosting alone ($75), not including additional fees like back-up storage, website hosting, server hosting (multi-world), and domain name which comes from our personal finances; this includes Stonewick future planned upgrades like Xenforo, specialty plugins, and server DDOS protection/maintenance. If we meet our monthly donation goal by the community, this reduces our monthly out of pocket expense to roughly $25 – $75 (depending on the month).

Estimated Work Hours: 90 hrs. weekly

Pointy and I ran the numbers and we spend a combined 90 hrs. every week making sure the server is running well, adding updates, and planning events. That is literally an additional full-time job for both of us. And that doesn’t even count the times we’re troubleshooting player issues in Discord, recruiting players on multiple websites, sifting through whitelist applications, working on plugin config/troubleshooting/testing, writing wiki pages, writing blog posts, and planning events.

Monthly Donation Goals – Donate Here via PayPal!

We offer large prizes to the whole server when we meet our donation goals. We also offer small, cosmetic rewards to individual donors as a thank you. We feel like this keeps Stonewick fair and balanced, because we know there are a LOT of ways you can contribute to our server, not just financially.

Meeting financial goals means…

  • Ability to get a 32gb dedicated server (we have a 16gb server)
  • Host more maps and servers (snapshot server, modded server, etc)
  • Fund more work and improvements (designs, website integration, forums)
  • Provide more rewards for entire server
  • Less financial stress on owners, which means we have the means to work harder, longer for you

$75 Goal

  • SuperTrails Plugin
  • Double Dailies Crate Access (Twice Daily)
  • KeepInventory On

$150 Goal

  • Gifts Key ~ Update rewards, make them better/bigger, possibly a series of different trophies or heads every month.
  • Triggers a Bonus Weekend
  • AFK timer bumped to 15 minutes

$250 Goal

  • Warp ~ A sign warp placed at the Subway to/from the Spawn Tree
  • AFK timer bumped to 25 minutes
  • Triggers a Server Lottery (Auctioning off a spawner of the player’s choice)
  • Faire Key ~ Everyone gets a new Faire Key.
  • Everyone gains access to /home (1 home)
  • Bloodlands turns of UHC and sets to hard mode
  • Warp Shop Opens ~ Players can buy additional warps via Black Market

Donors Individual Rewards (Thank You Gifts) Donations greater than $15

  • Wings (Trails) – Permanent
  • Nickname changes (self only)  – Permanent
  • MyPet Leash (Taming Vanity Pets in the Wild)  – Permanent
  • <Month> Donor Playerhead Trophy (To collect) – New Every Month
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Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing an all-inclusive, stress-free environment for mature adults to enjoy Minecraft. It is our goal to create a family atmosphere that includes wholesome fun and creativity.