Eula Complaint And Proud

Each month we ask players to help us meet our monthly donation goal. As a reward once we’ve met are goal, all players on the server (whether you donated or not) gains access to our Donation Perks.

Monthly Payments

We fund this server’s monthly payments of website hosting, server hosting, and domain name. Donated money goes to monthly maintenance or our over-arching goals for upgrading Stonewick. (Such as server upgrades, Xenforo forum (instead of PhP), specialty plugins, and web design.

Estimated Work Hours: 90 hrs. weekly

Pointy and I spend roughly 40 hours a week making sure the server is running well, adding updates, and planning events. And that doesn’t even count the times we’re troubleshooting player issues in Discord, recruiting players on multiple websites, sifting through whitelist applications, working on plugin config/troubleshooting, writing wiki pages, writing blog posts, and planning events.

Thank You to Our Financial Contributors