(Pictured is us testing our duplicate map on the server… don’t freak out! 😛 )

We are now on a Dedicated Server and applications have been re-opened! Huzzah!

We are currently in the process of:

  • Transferring the DynMap to a fancy DNS
  • Finishing Player Tour NPCs and Quests
  • Changes to Redstone Rules (see wiki)
  • Redoing Careers
  • Redoing Country Club Prices
  • Redoing & Expanding Black Market
  • Adding Creative Map
  • Adding The End 2 Map

Thank you for staying patient with us. I know it’s been a rough month, but you all have been AMAZING and I can’t believe how active we’ve been for a solid month without applications. I know we’re going to be bringing lots of new, awesome people in this year! HUZZAH!