Congratulations to our New Veterans + Community Award!


Lilja has been with us for a while now. She is a highly positive spirit within our community. Ever the busy bee, our Lilja was Stonewick’s first shopkeeper! Lilja has proven herself to be helpful in guiding newbies and been an asset to our community.


Whether she’s double fisting cookies or running headfirst into the Nether, CapinBomb never fails to keep us entertained. But, it’s her dedication to helping others both in-game and navigating the server’s rules that has earned her this promotion.


This rugged man of swagger has rooted himself deeply in our hearts. While he’s best known for his piratey skull avatar, Glasi13 has worked with admins to make the server better. He has been a player who has shown commitment to keeping our server running smoothly.


Known best for his cackling and ALL CAPS, Zear may remain a man of mystery to some. However, when he’s not plotting to build the best base and steal all the lapis, he’s being a friendly and helpful community member to our newbies.


Notorious for being server FIIIIIRSSST at just about everything (beacon, cake thief, and town mayor), AuxDemon has worked hard to make this server great. And while we know a lot of the hardwork can be attributed to Felicia, we think AuxDemon may as well become one of the server’s FIIIIIRSSST veterans too.


We are happy to bestow both the veteran rank and the first Stonewick Community Award to ChewieBaka. Chewie was nominated for the award by two players for his friendliness, helpfulness as a redstone inspector, and building our Ender Farm. Chewie is a shining beacon in our community and we are so thankful he is a part of our family. Congratulations, Chewie!

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