I’m happy to say our Christmas was an absolutely smashing success! It was a huge ball of fun, events, and gifts! Honestly, my house is so full of gifts I have to build more house! Here’s a recap of what you may have missed and a list of upcoming events and changes!

Christmas Recaps

  • Snowman Building Contest – Congrats to our first place winner __Zig!
  • Nether Love Tunnel Build Contest – Congrats to RxFairy for winning best tunnel build!
  • New Veterans – Congrats to our newest veterans __Zig, dawniii, RxFairy, SweaterGoat, Tumblin, SkyBabelfish, and mikey29979!
  • We had an awesome Secret Santa reveal party, hosted at SMK’s while he was on vacation and planned by LuciTiger and DrPhilsMustache! Everyone wrote madlib Christmas stories and (forced) listened to Jelly read the hilarious stories via voicechat. We also exchanged lovely presents and enjoyed mini-games!
  • Santa Paws visited those who sent him their wishlist!

Upcoming Events

  • January Movie NightCast your vote!
  • Stonewick Book Club – We’re in the final stages of voting to start our January Book Club
  • 2017 Time Capsule – Add your precious items, letters, and trophies to Stonewick’s first Time Capsule at Spawn!
  • Blacklion Faire is OPEN! Get your prizes and rides in before it closes January 2nd!
  • December Story Event – Tell us about about your first Stonewick Christmas! Everyone who enters wins! More info
  • Friday Game Night – A group of us will be in Discord playing Don’t Starve Together today @ 7 PM cst.
  • Enderdragon Fight – be there or be square!Ā December 30th @ 1 PM CST
  • New Year Party – Ring in the New Year Early! Help us bury the time capsule and party at Servo’s new town! More info
  • A New Year’s Fishing Contest, per Thrillshire’s Christmas Wish More info
  • “Group Therapy” Co-Op Bloodlands Event – No PvP – “Live together or die alone!” More info

Important Reminders

Unwhitelisting Inactive Players – Myself and staff put off unwhitelisting players for inactivity over the holidays. However, we have a list of players who will be mass unwhitelisted and their builds/items will be abandoned on January 5th. If you haven’t logged in in a while, you need to log in to keep from being unwhitelisted.

Demoting Helpers – Inactive helpers will be demoted to veteran status come January 5th.

Re-Opening Whitelist Applications – To avoid mass whitelisting of players during a high volume time, we decided to close whitelist applications until the holidays were over so we don’t recruit players only active during the holidays. Applications will be re-opened on January 7th 2018!

January Marks Big Changes – You will see Stonewick continue to grow and evolve into a tighter knit community and family. We have a lot of amazing changes planned for this upcoming 2018! šŸ™‚