Changes to Server Rules

Rule changes are as follows:

  • No need for redstone inspectors No more strict “200 block” radius rules, just asking for courteousness
  • 200 block radius mining has been lifted, but still ask members to be courteous and not mine across the map.
  • Mob cramming is no longer restricted, but population rules still apply PvP and pranking must be consensual rule removed.
  • Falls under “be kind and respectful to all players’, giving more leeway for players to still be goofy and have fun.
  • Lava placement rule is lifted

Read our new rules here -> New Rules

Black Market / Country Club

Both of these secret areas have been totally re-done and are now re-open! There are a few big changes!

  • Both areas now offer mob spawners purchasable without support tickets. It’s up to you to follow the rules and make sure your spawner is placed in one spawner per chunk / trap.
  • Both areas now offer spawn eggs available for purchase. Eggs used for changing spawner types has been disabled.
  • Trades have been greatly changed / added for both.
  • The Black Market now offers plots for homes / shops and also has the only free enderfarm warp on the server.
  • You can now purchase warp signs for $850,000 on months that we reach our IRL donation goal of $250.

Cupid’s Ball ~ Feb. 17th @ 3 PM CST

Come one, come all to Cupid’s Ball! A Masquerade filled with fun for everyone! The Cupid’s Ball is on Feb. 17th at 3 PM cst! Booths at the ball are numbered so you know which order we’ll be doing together as a group. Here are the scheduled events for the ball (in this order):

1- Pick up some speciality items from Sailor Moon then visit the envelope booth. Sign our guest book and then grab some books to create your own special cards for your fellow players! Also, if you are a Secret Admirer, make your way over to 11 (Valentine’s Day Dinner) and put your secret prizes and cards (your last present) in your Secret Cupid’s box on the table!

2- Grab your friends and take some pictures at the Photo Booth! Make sure to upload them in the instagram submissions Discord channel!

3- Love Haiku Writing Competition! ~ Write a haiku about your secret cupid valentine and submit it! Players vote on who was the best! Prizes: Trophy, a poet’s quill, and $15,000

6- Make sure to run over to Stump the Admin to submit your questions before it begins!

— Once most people have finished with booths 1-3 (&6), we’ll be waiting at booth 4 to start the games together! —

4- Skinny Dipping Single Mingle Fishing Contest! ~ Because there are PLENTY of fish in the sea! Catch the most fish in 3 minutes and win! Prizes: Trophy, moar fish in the sea, $10,000

5- Collect your Chinese New Year red envelope! Staff will be handing these out individually to quell the frenzy, so please wait your turn!

6- Stump the Admin! ~ Questions regarding the server, Minecraft, and Stonewick players are to be submitted. Pointyy and Jelly will be asked the submitted questions. Whomever gets stumped three times (three lights) has to do the EXTREME TRAMP. Questions that stump the admins are “winners!” Prizes: Trophy, a stump, $10,000

7 – Cupid’s Archery Contest! ~ Everyone who can hit Cupid’s nose in only 3 attempts will win a prize! Prizes: Trophy, cupid’s bow, and $10,000

8 – Love is a Battlefield! {PvP} ~ A giant wedding cake is also a deathpit made up of all sorts of blocks to be stolen, crafted, and used to find the prize! Kill your valentine before they get the arrow and climb the pillar to turn the light on at the top! Be the first to find Cupid’s Arrow during the timed event! Prizes: Trophy, a stash of diamonds, and $25,000

9 – Pants off, Dance off Competition! ~ Sign-up at the booth and join us in a dance off competition. Players will vote and pick the music! Prizes: Trophy, dancing shoes, and $10,000

10 – Costume Contest! ~ Pick your very on Valentine’s Day skin or make one! Show up with it on and we’ll vote on whose is the best. Skin theme should be: “Valentine / Fancy Masquerade” Prizes: Trophy, mask, and $15,000

11 – Valentine’s Day Dinner ~ Jelly speech and Luci’s Airship Winner Announcement ~ Join us in congratulating the winners of both challenges! All participants who last until the end of the event will get a special reward. At the dinner, Secret Cupids can open their final present from their Secret Admirer’s. And all Secret Admirer’s are revealed!

Join us for a Saturday of love, dancing, murder, and fun!