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Jellyplz Procrastinates Blog Post… But it’s SO WORTH IT!

Hey guys! I’ve been working on so much cool new stuff I have wrist strain, hence me putting off the blog post and gazette for a day. But, I think you’re going to forgive me once you see what I have in store! Special thanks to CapinBOMB who has been helping me put all this together, including doing this week’s spawn villager trades (you have her to thank for that awesome gunpowder one!) Without further ado, here is what’s new…

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Last Week of Halloween ~ New Helpers & Events

Last Week Recap Ender Dragon Fight – We had a really fantastic time taking down the ender dragon! It went a lot smoother this time around and we had lots of players on to help! All players who participated received elytra, banner, ender chest, bottles of EXP, and a special trophy. One lucky player also got the ender dragon egg by winning the lottery, congrats CapinBOMB! Suggestions Box – Since we are growing in both members and soon to be promoted…

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More Veteran Promotions! Great Job, Guys!

Kwitt111 Probably the “servers biggest fan”, Kwitt111 has been an active participant of our server for a very long time. He’s a very friendly member who helps our newcommers and contributes to our server economy. Even though it’s suspected his brews are “tainted” with “lemonade”, Kwitt111 has been a pillar of our community and we thank him for his work on our server! DrPhilsMustache While is IRL name isn’t actually Phil, Phil has been a non-stop locomotion of awesomeness since…

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It's BONUS WEEKEND! Read about all the prizes you can earn just by logging in today!… weeks
Watch our ribbon cutting event for our new Subway! :D #pcgaming #youtube #twitch #minecraft weeks
Stress testing our new dedicated server before moving our REAL map to it! *HUZZAH!* #minecraft #youtube #twitch… month
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We are dedicated to providing an all-inclusive, stress-free environment for mature adults to enjoy Minecraft. It is our goal to create a family atmosphere that includes wholesome fun and creativity.