Bonus Weekend

During Bonus Weekend, there is NO Enderman Farm entrance fee.

We will be setting all town crates keys to be reset every 3 hours.

For reasons mentioned below, we’re having BONUS WEEKEND this weekend! 😀 Stop by the Community Center at Spawn every hour to get cool crate prizes and don’t forget to buy BONUS WEEKEND SWAG!

Bonus Weekend’s Crate Rewards

  • Bottles o’ Enchanting
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Fortune I iron picks
  • Unb I books
  • Emeralds
  • Leather
  • Paper
  • Ink Sacks
  • Quartz Blocks
  • Luck Potions
  • Flying Rockets
  • Diamonds
  • And more!

Monthly Donation Goals

I’ve been putting a lot of thought into how to encourage donors so Stonewick can raise money to stay running, maintain quality in performance, and increase its reach into different areas of community / gaming. My goal with donation rewards is to remain EULA compliant, fair to all players, and also create incentives for players who individually donate their money. I’ve been putting months of thinking and planning, I believe I’ve finally got the balance of everything I’m trying to achieve with this plan. After a lot of debate, we feel like it’s only fair to keep KeepInventory as a reward at the $75 cap. We plan to never move that reward or increase that particular one as it is highly sought after.

I want to be very clear about this as neither Pointyy or I want to be misunderstood in setting these goals. These are already financial goals we already meet almost every month. The only thing is, we haven’t rewarded players past meeting $75. We want Stonewick to keep growing. We dream of it being a community that meets ALL of our gaming needs, as well as a supportive “family” of players who genuinely care about each other. The money you donate doesn’t go directly into our pockets so we can get an Iron Man Suit and fly around Houston. No, it goes to improving the server, performance, and offering more/better services. So, in that way you are funding our dreams, because we want Stonewick to keep being amazing.

Since, as of 2/9/18 we have reached $182.51. We will be offering select rewards from the below plan, which will be in full effect starting March 1st. Consider February a “teaser”.

  • All players have access to SuperTrail Wings
  • Bonus Weekend (This weekend)
  • Gifts Key Kit Available (Once)
  • AFK Timer Set at 15 Minutes
  • Subway Warp Sign to Tree & Back
  • Double Dailies Crate (Available twice a day)

Meeting financial goals means…

  • Ability to get a 32gb dedicated server (we have a 16gb server)
  • Host more maps and servers (snapshot server, modded server, etc)
  • Fund more work and improvements (designs, website integration, forums)
  • Provide more rewards for entire server
  • Less financial stress on owners, which means we have the means to work harder, longer for you

(Less than $74) – Proposed Changes – March 1st

  • Regular AFK timer set to 8 minutes
  • SuperTrails “Wings” will be removed for all members, except individual donors
  • Dailies Crate Available Once Per Day

$75 Goal

  • SuperTrails Plugin
  • Double Dailies Crate Access (Twice Daily)
  • KeepInventory On

$150 Goal

  • Gifts Key ~ Update rewards, make them better/bigger, possibly a series of different trophies or heads every month.
  • Triggers a Bonus Weekend
  • AFK timer bumped to 15 minutes

$250 Goal

  • Warp ~ A sign warp placed at the Subway to/from the Spawn Tree
  • AFK timer bumped to 25 minutes
  • Triggers a Server Lottery (Auctioning off a spawner of the player’s choice)
  • Faire Key ~ Everyone gets a new Faire Key.
  • Everyone gains access to /home (1 home)
  • Bloodlands turns of UHC and sets to hard mode
  • Warp Shop Opens ~ Players can buy additional warps via Black Market

Donors Individual Rewards (Thank You Gifts) Donations greater than $15

  • Wings (Trails) – Permanent
  • Nickname changes (self only)  – Permanent
  • MyPet Leash (Taming Vanity Pets in the Wild)  – Permanent
  • <Month> Donor Playerhead Trophy (To collect) – New Every Month