This Week’s News

  • We are so happy to announce our newest town, Dalgard by Lorgs. If you have a moment, go grab your goodies from Lorgs’ crate. You can stop by his warp at the train station.
  • We now have a Twitter! Follow us!
  • The website has been given a face-lift! TA-DA!
  • A new delivery service has been added to spawn. If you need items delivered, just drop them in the convenient box in front of the train station.
  • AstroMonkey has started a new community build feature called Player Home of the Week, if you’d like to show off your build comment on his thread!
  • This is a bit early, but we WILL be having Secret Santa next month. Please stop asking! I know you all just want an excuse to give each other presents! 😛 The whole of 2018 events have been planned, worry not!

Promotions & Awards

  • Congratulations to AuxDemon and Leafe, our newest Helpers!
  • Great job to Dalealea, JootheBear, and Lorgs for winning the Short Story Contest!
  • A big applause to CapinBomb for earning the Community Spirit Achievement. It is our highest honor and goes to players who have gone above and beyond in making our community strong!


  • The Fishgiving Build Contest has been extended to Nov. 26th, so get to building for your chance to win up to $1000 and some really fabulous prizes!
  • Hit up your favourite crates daily while they’re still around! Toyztoyz, Fishgiving, Faire, and Gumball are all SEASONAL!
  • The Fishgiving November Quest ends Nov. 30th, don’t be left out in learning the Secret of Stonewick!

Blacklion Faire

The carnival is in town, but it won’t be here for long! The Faire closes Nov. 26th and won’t be back until January! Head over to the tunnel by the Tramp to see all the incredible prizes, games, secrets, and rides that our wonderful Faire has to offer! Special thanks to the Faire contributors: MonksEye, DrPhilsMustache, ChewieBaka, CapinBOMB, TheFallenGod, and SenorMintKiddo! Here’s what you can expect at the Faire:

  • Specialty heads (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Retro Video Games, etc…)
  • Novelty Trophies & Vanity Items
  • A crate filled with diamonds, emeralds, high end enchanted items, a spawner, beacon, wither skulls, and even a chance to win a zombie horse!
  • Sweetie Mooshroom Secret!
  • Archery contests!
  • Piggy Racing!
  • Boat PVP Racing!
  • Fireworks! FIREWORKS!
  • Fortune Telling!