A Peek Into Stonewick Part I (Interviewing SenorMintKiddo) by RxFairy

You see these people on the server and you might know a little bit about them already. But The Stonewick Gazette wants you to get to know Stonewick’s Finest Minecrafters from around the world! This week’s player is none other than the resident Circle King – SenorMintKiddo. So tell us a little about yourself Originally born in san diego, California, I’ve lived in Washington(state), Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and currently reside in Tennessee. As far as work goes, I’ve done…

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Subway Unveiling, Busy January = An Amazing New Year! *Vuvuzela*

I’d like to provide some brief, but really stunningly amazing updates! New server! Wait, you knew that. Our server now has a lot more space (none of it shared!) We have complete control over it and it’s higher powered! Not to mention NY hosting means better connections for players overseas. New IP & DynMap IP, since we’re on a dedicated server, that means we have dedicated IPs to match! New op helpers (admins): Lucitiger and SenorMintKiddo join CapinBOMB and DrPhilsMustache…

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Dedicated Server & Applications are OPEN!

(Pictured is us testing our duplicate map on the server… don’t freak out! 😛 ) We are now on a Dedicated Server and applications have been re-opened! Huzzah! We are currently in the process of: Transferring the DynMap to a fancy DNS Finishing Player Tour NPCs and Quests Changes to Redstone Rules (see wiki) Redoing Careers Redoing Country Club Prices Redoing & Expanding Black Market Adding Creative Map Adding The End 2 Map Thank you for staying patient with us.…

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We are loving the new #snapshot at Stonewick! Thanks @Mojang! #minecraft #youtube #twitch #pcgamer weeks
It's BONUS WEEKEND! Read about all the prizes you can earn just by logging in today!… month
Watch our ribbon cutting event for our new Subway! :D #pcgaming #youtube #twitch #minecraft months
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