You see these people on the server and you might know a little bit about them already. But The Stonewick Gazette wants you to get to know Stonewick’s Finest Minecrafters from around the world! This week’s player is none other than the resident Circle King – SenorMintKiddo.

So tell us a little about yourself

Originally born in san diego, California, I’ve lived in Washington(state), Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, and currently reside in Tennessee. As far as work goes, I’ve done Fast Food, Professional Painting, some (not-so-legal) Electrician work, a lot of flooring and warehouse work.

What is the story behind your username?

Background for my Username is honestly something dumb one of my high school friends came up with in spanish class, always brought gum, and I looked a lot younger than I was!

What is your favorite thing about stonewick?

The Community! I genuinely don’t think Ive ever met a more fantastic group of players to game with!

What has been you most memorable moment during your time here?

I’m not sure I can pick just one, there has been so much that’s happened from group therapy, to fishing tournaments, christmas time to Ender Dragon fights!

What is the first useless fact that pops into your head?

The mantis shrimp has a punch so powerful that it can boil water, and also has eyes that have 16 color receptive cones! (humans have 3, hence the 3 primary colors. THEY HAVE 16 PRIMARY COLORS)

If you could have only one superpower (for good or bad), what would it be and why?

Flying! I hate traffic and paying for gas

What is your favorite food?

Probably pizza

Player most likely to be your RL (real life) best friend


Other than minecraft, what’s your favorite game and/or hobby?

I really enjoy Long Boarding, kayaking, and snowboarding. As far as game goes, probably PUBG, Bioshock (series), or Need For Speed.

Favorite music genre/song/artist, etc

basically anything but country music (Gazette Edit: He plays sick dubstep and rap often in the music channel!)

How do you prefer your burrito?


What is at the top of your bucket list?


What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Mint Chocolate Chip

What countries would you like to visit? What is your favorite place you have ever visited and why?

I’d really like to visit Japan, Germany, and Argentina. Coolest place I’ve been is probably the West Edmonton Mall in canada

Cats or Dogs? (or guinea pigs?)

Cats, they are lazier, but I do love my dog!

What is your secret talent?

I can put away a surprising amount of food for how small I am

Favorite Movie?

The Other Guys

What is the best TV show to binge?

“The Office” or “Parks and Rec”

If every rapper became a farmer, who would have the freshest beets?

Probably Dr.Dre

What is your go to snack?

Oreo’s or cheese its(Cheddar Jack is best)

What is one goal you want to accomplish this year in Stonewick?

Improve my building style!

So the next time you see him on, feel free to chat it up about The Office, sick wubz, or the cool places he’s been! The Gazette would love to thank SenorMintKiddo for being so awesome and answering our pesky questions so you can get to know him better!