Subway Unveiling, Busy January = An Amazing New Year! *Vuvuzela*

I’d like to provide some brief, but really stunningly amazing updates! New server! Wait, you knew that. Our server now has a lot more space (none of it shared!) We have complete control over it and it’s higher powered! Not to mention NY hosting means better connections for players overseas. New IP & DynMap IP, since we’re on a dedicated server, that means we have dedicated IPs to match! New op helpers (admins): Lucitiger and SenorMintKiddo join CapinBOMB and DrPhilsMustache…

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Dedicated Server & Applications are OPEN!

(Pictured is us testing our duplicate map on the server… don’t freak out! 😛 ) We are now on a Dedicated Server and applications have been re-opened! Huzzah! We are currently in the process of: Transferring the DynMap to a fancy DNS Finishing Player Tour NPCs and Quests Changes to Redstone Rules (see wiki) Redoing Careers Redoing Country Club Prices Redoing & Expanding Black Market Adding Creative Map Adding The End 2 Map Thank you for staying patient with us.…

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News: Extended Timeline for Dedicated Server Switch

As you know from my When Life Gives You Lemons post on the forums, Stonewick is undergoing major and exciting changes. Pointyy and I have been planning for this from the inception of Stonewick. We’re so excited that it is becoming a reality. When we first announced this change our ETA was 1/9/18. However, we are going to have to push that timeline back by about a week. This is not because we haven’t been working on it. Quite the…

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We are loving the new #snapshot at Stonewick! Thanks @Mojang! #minecraft #youtube #twitch #pcgamer weeks
It's BONUS WEEKEND! Read about all the prizes you can earn just by logging in today!… month
Watch our ribbon cutting event for our new Subway! :D #pcgaming #youtube #twitch #minecraft months
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