Nether Love Week! Let’s get NAUGHTY!

A Special Note on Fishgiving As this year winds down, I’d like to take the time to let you know how each of you are special and important to me. I know we aren’t like other servers, both good and (at time) confusing. But, you guys have blown my expectations for running a server out of the water. I’ve come to know some of you quite well and I really genuinely consider you friends, for the newer players I can’t…

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Blacklion Faire & Fishgiving

This Week’s News We are so happy to announce our newest town, Dalgard by Lorgs. If you have a moment, go grab your goodies from Lorgs’ crate. You can stop by his warp at the train station. We now have a Twitter! Follow us! The website has been given a face-lift! TA-DA! A new delivery service has been added to spawn. If you need items delivered, just drop them in the convenient box in front of the train station. AstroMonkey…

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The Carnival is Coming! ~ Weekly Updates!

Greetings Stonewickians! This week has been all about dat BONUS! That’s right, we just finished up another successfully awesome BONUS WEEKEND! Here are this last week’s updates on the server: See how players plan to spend their coins New build classes by VanillaCupcake Residential Area now offers: warp to the Bloodlands, warp from the End, and a highly functional crafting area Metro buses have been added to spawn so you can travel from Residential to Mall and back We are…

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It's BONUS WEEKEND! Read about all the prizes you can earn just by logging in today!… weeks
Watch our ribbon cutting event for our new Subway! :D #pcgaming #youtube #twitch #minecraft weeks
Stress testing our new dedicated server before moving our REAL map to it! *HUZZAH!* #minecraft #youtube #twitch… month
Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing an all-inclusive, stress-free environment for mature adults to enjoy Minecraft. It is our goal to create a family atmosphere that includes wholesome fun and creativity.